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The poem below was written by Dawn in memory of her son Josh
There’s a man who had a plan to hit the surf for a while.
On a tough day in November ended memories he would file.
It was fate that brought him to the beach on that 13th day.
The waves were too rough, so he decided not to stay.
He was stopped by the view of a man who was distraught.
Pointing at the water and yelling his friend had been caught.
A rip current crashed through the sandbar where they played.
They swam toward the shore but quickly became weighed.
The man on the beach had escaped the “drowning machine.”
His friend was left in the water and he could not be seen.
The fate of the surfer took him back out to sea.
Swimming with his board. How far could he be?
He reached the young man just fifty yards from the shore.
Lifting his lifeless body would prove to be a chore.
He struggled to hold on through the crashing wave.
Dragging him to shore, his life he wanted to save.
It seemed like hours but only minutes went by.
Know matter how hard he tried; it seemed that he would die.
Paramedics arrived and took over his fight.
How could this be happening, it just didn’t seem right.
The surfer was left wondering if his efforts were in vain.
He thought of the man’s family and their unspeakable pain.
He had learned that the young man, named Josh, did not survive.
With all of his efforts he could not keep him alive.
He wondered if there was something more that he could have done.
Yet he’s a hero in my eyes, you see Josh is my son.
He gave me the gift of kissing him and telling him good-bye.
He risked his own life with a tear in his eye.
The alternative would have been Josh lost at sea.
Swallowed by the water with no last kiss for me.
I will be forever grateful for what he tried to do.
My heart’s appreciation I wish he only knew.